• Mini Rustic Truffles - MADAGASCAR MARAINA


    New luxurious pouches with airlock reseal

    Extra Creamy Collection

    Madagascar Maraina: Extra creamy with strong cacao notes and undertones of the tropical jungle.

    Experience the multi of different cacao flavours from around the world with the 'Mini Rustic Truffles' range. Made from one recipe, using clean, fine ingredients and exquisite cocoa beans.

    The Madagascar Maraina Truffles are all handmade and packed full of character and flavour, taking you on a journey to Sambrino plantations in Madagascar. This version is EXTRA CREAMY and certainly one for the milk chocolate lovers. All crafted from fine Madagascan cocoa beans know for their naturally tropical and fruity taste.

    Colour - Light brown from the rare criollo-trinitario cocoa and extra milk added. Finished with a bronze dusting.

    Texture - Thin crisp shell with a soft and slightly crunchy centre due to the infusion of crushed Madagascar cocoa beans.

    Taste - Creamy and fruity with strong cocoa notes and undertones of caramel flavours.
    Origin - Sambirano,  north west Madagascar

    Cocoa sourced from sustainable 'Raise Trade' plantations


    An average of 20 mini rustic truffles per a pouch (please note, these are handmade and therefore each truffle size varies)



    6-8 Weeks once purchased. 


    Contains Dairy

    Made in a kitchen that uses Nuts and Egg Proteins regularly.