• Grand Cru De Rianila - 70% Dark Chocolate

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    Special Edition - Rare - 70% Dark Chocolate

    Crafted from 100% rare Vohibinany cocoa beans in East Madagascar.


    Experience an extraordinary cocoa journey to the birth place of cocoa in Madagascar. Cacao plants were first discovered in the region of Vohibinany along the east coast of Madagascar. The cacao plants were soon transported to the Sambirano Valley's in the North where for many years became the prime destination to grow fine cacao.

    However during Jamie's amazing trip to Madagascar he discovered the cacao plantations in eaST Madagascar were soon to be producuing again and so for the first time, fine chocolate could be crafted from these unique and rare cocoa beans.

    Jamie's adventure along the Rianila river to reach the Ambalahady cocoa estate in Vohibinany inspired him to create a rare and single plantation chocolate from here. The journey of this rare cacao will open your eyes up to the amazing work cocoa farmers undertake on a daily basis to grow, harvest and produce fine cacao to make chocolate. From the Ambalahady estate the cocoa pods are transported down river through the narrow waters and rapids to reach the native village of Anivorano-Gare. Here the cocoa pods are cut and the beans are fermented and dried before being transported to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar to be made into fine chocolate. 

    10% of profits to Akany Avoko Faravohitra Orphanage in Antanarivo, Madagascar

    Supporting a residential rehabilitation centre for girls who have been placed in the Malagasy juvenile justice or child welfare systems. Jamie visited this extraordinary centre that provides a better future for maltreated girls through care, education and hope.

    THE BAR:

    Colour - Dark mahogany from the rare criollo-trinitario cocoa.
    Texture - Buttery and smooth
    Taste - Red berries, caramel, nuts and sweet citrus.
    Origin - Vohibinany, East Madagascar

    Cocoa sourced from sustainable 'Raise Trade' plantations.


    45g. Break of a piece a let it slowly melt in your mouth.


    Best Before: 04/20


    Suitable for Vegans. Made in a kitchen that uses Nuts and Wheat.